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Be ahead of the Ai Revolution

We know it can be frustrating to build a website, or know that traffic hits your website but doesn't convert into an inquiry. Worse you have a lot of traffic however you know you're only getting a small percentage in sales, or conversion to inquiry or sale.

All chatbots are not created equal. The likelihood of your customers buying is 21% higher if they get an answer within 5 minutes over 30 minutes response time.

Currently most chatbots take your information so someone can get back to you later, or they are a scripted flow that allows some interaction. Both of these convert about 4x lower than a well trained bot connected through intermediary software to instruct the Ai language model.

Most people have a short attention span, especially when scrolling on the internet. They won't often take the time to read through your information to find the answer they really need. This is where the Ai Conversational Shop Assistant comes in, our chatbot can assimilate large quantities of your product offer, datasheets or services including your terms and conditions. It can be trained over a month or so to answer customer enquiries. During this training time the bot gets better and better at answering queries and can have objectives given like (book an appointment with a consultant), or give them this link, or would you like to place an order. The bot will steer the conversation towards the objective.

We know Ai will revolutionise the way we do things but in essence humans with Ai tools will have a competitive advantage over humans without this intuitive technology.

Intuitive Conversational Ai Chat Bot

  • is 4x to 5x more effecive at converting a visitor into an inquiry, or contact. Your website will convert way more traffic to inquiry

  • Gives your visitor small bit sized pieces of your datasheets, or service offer at the right time to assist them to make a buying decision

  • Answers 24/7, 7 days per week

  • Gives instant information so your site builds trust with your audience

  • Reduces your visitor bounce rate

  • Visitor conversations are fed back into your Zeuss Sales Manager software so you can learn more about your customers from the questions they ask

  • Collects contact information for the Zeuss Contact Manager or your CRM

  • Converts website traffic into contacts

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