Turn Leads Into Customers Automatically

Convert more leads into customers with our powerful lead nurturing tools.

From Social Media integrations with your LinkedIn or FB Messenger Chat you can apply different strategies depending on the audience you wish to engage with.

Reduce the amount of time you spend on lead nurturing with Zeuss | Sales Manager

How It Works

Step 1

Automate Lead Nurture

Easily collect leads from your website, social media, or any other online source using our powerful lead capture tools.

Step 2

Focus On Important Conversations

Stop losing out on potential sales because you aren't capturing your leads. Now that people know about you, let's capture those leads so we can convert them to customers.

Step 3

Boost Your Growth

With the convenience and efficiency of Zeuss | Sales Manager you are unlocking opportunities that will lead to more sales and more WINS!

Activate your existing clientbase and re-market to them with easy to create, drag and drop email campaigns.


All Your Conversations In One Place

  • Do you receive messages from clients and leads on social media? We'll bring all those conversations together so you can communicate with leads more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

  • Integrates with Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, SMS, Phone Calls, Email, & Webchat to make communicating with leads easy for you.

  • Using one app, you can contact leads from all over the web.

  • Centralize client communication in one place


Connect with customers one-on-one

  • With SMS you can have 1-on-1 conversations with customers for a more personal experience

  • SMS Marketing is the most effective way to reach your customers

  • With standard replies your customers know you care about them. Reply automatically to inbound enquiries through SMS, then bank a list up for your to call back later when you have free time

  • Convert leads faster by texting them in real-time from our mobile & desktop app

  • Know whats going on wherever you are, being truly remote with your iPad, Tablet or smartphone

  • Send out special offers and promos via

    text to increase sales


Bring All of Your Leads Into One Place

  • Automate email campaigns to turn emails into sales

  • Send targeted emails that reach the right people at the right time

  • Easily create beautifully designed emails with our drag & drop email builder


Nurture Leads To Buy Automatically

  • Setup notifications to yourself to detect where your customers are in the sales process, and automatically reach out to them to increase your conversion rates

  • Boost sales by automatically sending the right message to the right people at EXACTLY the right time

  • Automate your lead nurturing process and never miss an opportunity


Turn Calls Into Revenue

  • Automatically call leads with the press of a button & increase your chances of making a sale

  • Answer only the connected calls, so you can focus on selling

  • Automatically leave a pre-recorded voicemail for calls not answered

  • Record conversations to train your team later, or capture valuable information from your customer


Never Let An Opportunity Go

  • Send personalized follow-up messages so you sound like a person, not a machine

  • Send automated follow-up & reminder emails so you never let a hot lead go

  • Easily take notes to keep all of your customer information in one place

  • Setup project management pipelines to automatically convert "Won" sales into so you can manage your service delivery time frame, automatically set tasks and notify remote team members about the next setup that needs to take place

Discover What Our Clients Are Saying!

Zeuss | Sales Manager captures everything, so nothing gets lost, including emails.

The automated email replies save a lot of time and I can see what the other team members have sent. This is especially useful when someone is away, I can see their quotes

Anna Kolomeets, SolarPulse

Zeuss | Sales Manager has increased our sales conversion.

We now run our projects through Zeuss as well as sales, but our sales increased as we could see what was going on

Zeuss | Sales Manager has simplified everything

Everything goes into Zeuss. Facebook leads, Google and web enquiries, and we post out from Zeuss as well, to our social media accounts. This has reduced double handling a lot and we are much more consistent now

Zeuss | Sales Manager allows us to focus on the work instead of managing the sales pipeline

Team members work on different parts. All of their tasks are generated saving tons of setup time, and we don't have to waste time trying to figure out who's done what. The projects pipeline we setup has made things more obvious

Capture More Leads

Automate Lead Nurture

Close More Sales

Learn how our all in one sales management tool can handle many of the tasks you'd just never keep on top of through our powerful sales automation tool.

Make sales on the go with our mobile app.

  • Get real-time notifications straight to your phone

  • Chat with your clients & leads right from the app

Never miss another opportunity again


Streamline Sales

Generate More Leads

Build Your Brand

Impress Existing Customers

AutomButtonate Tasks


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